The cooling or thermal energy necessary for conditioning is produced at condominial level and then distributed - using cooled or heated water as a vector fluid - in the served areas for which the necessary fresh air is guaranteed.

The primary air is supplied by an air handling unit powered by a chiller.

In the last years Clivet has improved this solution, by developing the ENHANCED HYDRONIC SYSTEM.

Why to choose the Hydronic system

The system's elements

Energy producer SPINchiller, SCREWLine

Generates heating and cooling energy to satisfy the needs in the areas served by Spinchiller. The complete range of chiller and heat pumps with scroll modular compressors air or water cooled and multifunction or freecooling, Screwline, Chiller with screw compressors air or water cooled.

Terminal units

They supply the served unit with the energy generated from the producer

Air handling unit: AQX

Air handling units can ventilate to guarantee a correct distribution of the indoor air, purify the air by filtration, cool or heat as necessary, control the humidity where needed, ensure the necessary air renewal.

Supervision system

Allows the plant to be controlled with a supervision system or with the most common communication protocols Modbus, BACnet, Lonworks.


Centrifugal Chillers

Inverter direct-drive water cooled centrifugal chillers from 880 to 1930 kW, with falling film heat exchanger technology which reduces refrigerant charge up to 40% in comparison to flooded type exchangers. Low refrigerant charge.