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We have extensive experience in the Air Conditioning industry. Our company proudly provides all appropriate practical solutions to our customers both in Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Systems. We are committed to meeting all of our clientele’s expectations for any system with high quality, economical and environmentally friendly products.


At AIC we are passionate in the pursuit of excellence in integrity, quality and durability which is why we founded our company in 2022. We recognized that the Saudi market had so much potential for growth, so we strove to fill the gap with innovative cooling products that will play a significant role in the way properties will consume and spend energy.


AIC is dedicated to offering our knowledge to all market segments. Our areas of expertise are in the industrial, retail, technology, health care, private & governmental sectors. Our boards' 24 years of experience and strong business partnerships with established companies such as Clivet make us committed to creating efficiency awareness. We offer high quality products and are in the industry to make a positive mark.


Our culture is shaped by our Six Core Values and by our commitment to Customer Satisfaction.

We have built our Operational, Sales & Management Teams around the central belief that Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every project we deliver, and that:

  • Every customer is our most important customer

  • Every project is our most important project

  • No project is complete until the customer is fully satisfied

    Committed: We are Engaged, Loyal & Accountabl

    Resourceful: Nothing is Impossible

    Integrity: We believe in Honesty, Fairness, Respect & Safety

    Nimble: We are Agile, Flexible, Innovative & Smart

    Greatness: We Lead through Excellence, Experience & Learning


    We are Saudi Arabia’s Sole Authorized Distributor & Agent for the Clivet Group of Italy, one of the world’s leading designers and developers of HVAC products.Working exclusively with Clivet products and equipment, we design, build, install and maintain bespoke HVAC solutions for industrial, commercial & residential clients across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Our innovative solutions are supported by the AIC promise of Customer Service Excellence

    AIC: A Breath of Fresh Air in the HVAC Industry


    Established in Saudi Arabia in 2022, AIC is a specialized air conditioning solutions provider and the Kingdom’s exclusive Authorized Distributor & Agent for the Clivet Group, Italy.


    Established in Italy in 1989 and renowned as one of the most innovative developers of HVAC technology and products in Europe.

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