The history

The base of our success is a history made of continuous innovation and strategic vision.

  1. Clivet foundation

  2. Among the first in the use of the heat pump technology with scroll compressors and high efficiency exchangers for the maximum energy saving

  3. Rooftop units dedicated to high attendance areas with high demand of air renewal

  4. A new system philosophy: systems specialised for different uses. Clivet becomes a leader in the commercial sector

  5. Clivet SPINChiller:

    maximum seasonal efficiency thanks to the use of the modular scroll technology

  6. ELFOSystem

    it holds in aunique system the essence of comfort for residential applications

    ELFOFresh e ZEPHIR

    air renewal and purification systems with thermodynamic energy recovery

  7. All the companies in the group merged into Clivet S.p.A., which today covers a 50,000m2 production area

  8. GAIA Edition

    The heat pump that employs the solar energy, ensuring energy saving and reducing the emissions

  9. ELFOPack

    ELFOPack: the multifunction heat pump for single-family houses with low energy needs and multi-family houses with decentralised system

  10. Strategic alliance Clivet-Midea