Company History

Over 24 years of Experience in AC Solutions for Sustainable Comfort and Energy Saving

AIC was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's capital, Riyadh in 2022. Our company began its activities with the sole agency of the established Clivet Brand. Together, we are developing an Innovative & Specialized Systems of Rooftop Package Units, VRF Solutions, Chillers, Mono and Multi-split units for Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning systems. 

Our custom line of products delivers multiple energy saving solutions to reduce energy spending.


AIC strives to bridge the gap between the environmental issues we face today and expensive operating costs of running facilities with some groundbreaking technologies. Whether it’s Residential, Commercial or Industrial Air Conditioning units, AIC products will help pave the way in energy spending and demand by ensuring all facilities benefit from its efficiency and cost effectiveness. 

AIC is unmatched when it comes to Smart Efficiency in the Air Conditioning industry. 

Innovations & Capturing Ideas

We at AIC have our Mission, Vision & Knowledge in complete alignment with the KSA Vision 2030 plan. Our plans and services are guaranteed to ensure the most energy efficient and cost effective way to power up Air Conditioning units for Commercial, Residential and Industrial properties. Our team members have the Skills, Experience and Track Record to enter and add value to any project no matter its size and at any stage of the project developmental lifecycle. 

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We have extensive experience in the Air Conditioning industry.   

Our company proudly provides all appropriate practical solutions to our customers both in Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Systems. We are committed to meeting all of our clientele’s expectations for any system with high quality, economical and environmentally friendly products.

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At AIC we are passionate in the pursuit of excellence in integrity, quality and durability which is why we founded our company in 2022. We recognized that the Saudi market had so much potential for growth, so we strove to fill the gap with innovative cooling products that will play a significant role in the way properties will consume and spend energy. 

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AIC is dedicated to offering our knowledge to all market segments. Our areas of expertise are in the industrial, retail, technology, health care, private & governmental sectors.

Our boards' 24 years of experience and strong business partnerships with established companies such as Clivet make us committed to creating efficiency awareness. We offer high quality products and are in the industry to make a positive mark.

Revolutionary Technologies is the DNA of our company

AIC excels in products such as active Commercial & Residential Air conditioning Solutions. We are fully convinced that technology has a significant role in creating a More Sustainable Future, which is why we are committed to helping advance the KSA Vision 2030 plan by aligning ourselves with a more cost effective way of spending energy. Our technical capabilities and professionalism with Power Quality both play a significant role in our mission, vision and values. We are committed to building meaningful working relationships with our Clients and aim at ensuring that our products, services and overall performance help Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties reach their energy goals and targets. We strongly believe in Customer Satisfaction and have a combined 24 years of experience in building strong customer relationships.    

Deliver First-Class Products To Our Customers

AIC utilizes energy saving technology to supply our customers with environmentally friendly products.        We at AIC have been growing since 2022, and shall be recognized as the preferred provider of Commercial & Residential AC solutions in the KSA and the world. We have a trusted, professional business partnership with Clivet. We aim to revolutionize the VRF and Commercial Industry by optimizing and selling the best quality products. Our target is to become the best HVAC after-sales service provider in the Saudi Kingdom.


Provide High-Quality, Yet Affordable Air Conditioning

We believe that Clivet is the right choice for the Saudi market at this stage, that is why we offer a fresh alternative to the Air Conditioning units. In fact, given our past and current experience with different entities, in both the private and public sector, we are seeing many clients getting acquainted with, and being very receptive, for our full product line-up under one roof because of the great value and utility our products are shown to give to our clients.  

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Aim To Serve The Local Saudi Market

Restaurants and hotels, private and government institutions, residential buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, high-rise commercial buildings and more properties located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We believe that our relationships, team, innovative ideas and products will help us pave the way to the future of Energy in the KSA. We are the sole suppliers of such innovative technology and  have no present competition within the region.


Managing & Developing New Ways to help our Clients

Clivet Air Conditioning is eco-friendly and affordable for all properties. That is why we at AIC are supplying their units. We are committed to offering top-notch customer care even after sales. Our employees and technicians treat our customers and their valuable properties with the utmost respect, so as to build long-lasting relationships with them and to ensure the most efficient and cost effective way of using energy.