WLHP Water Loop Heat Pump System

Clivet's WLHP (Water Loop Heat Pump) is widely used in shopping centers, office buildings, hotels and in the most different climatic conditions. Clivet has developed and improved these solutions over the years, even acquiring the English VERSATEMP brand.

The system is based on a hydraulic circuit (Water Loop).The water flow, pushed by pumps and in typically "neutral" conditions with refernce to the environment (20-30°C), acts as energy source for indoor electrical water-air or water-water heat pumps. The loop circuit allows efficient transfer of energy between zones with opposite and simultaneous needs (heating/cooling). Therefore, both as a consequence of the water inertia and the wide working envelope of indoor heat pumps, the injection and rejection systems working time is limited only to when the temperature of the water loop tends to stray from the optimal operational range.

The WSHP system (Water Source Heat Pump), system variation of WLHP, is based on heat pumps which use sea/river or lake water as a renewable energy source. The heat pumps are connected to each other by one or more closed loop circuits with energy transfer and provide the cooling or heating capacity needed to maintain the desired comfort conditions.

Why to choose WLHP Solution

The system's elements

Packaged Versatemp units for small and medium surfaces

Packaged Versatemp CHV-X, CRH-XHE2, EVH-X, EVH-S, EVH Space, EQV-X units generate locally and in a highly efficient way the thermal and cooled energy required to satisfy the requirements of small and large environments. They purify the air therein through continuous filtration.

Roof Top units for large surfaces

Rooftop packaged units CRH-XHE2 are also suitable for supplying the necessary change of air, with the possibility of carrying out energy recovery.

Fresh air: ZEPHIR3

ZEPHIR3 supplies the necessary air renewal, filters the air through H10 equivalent efficiency electronic filters, and actively contributes to air conditioning the served area.